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About us


Established in 1991 with a legendary vision, Profit Shoe Company has quickly grown from five branches in Andhra Pradesh to up to 200 stores in five financial years.


To provide quality footwear at reasonable prices for the middle class audience in tier II and tier III cities


With 105 stores already established across Andhra Pradesh, Telangana and Karnataka, Profit has seen substantial growth over the years. Revolutionizing the shoe industry with not just its own brand of shoes but also keeping up with the market trends partnering with brands like Hush Puppies, Bata, Nike, Woodland, Action, Liberty, Lee Cooper etc., the company has put the best foot forward, literally


With Profit already catering to the middle-class section of the society by providing them affordable options, the company launched its subsidy called Rapport to serve their premium customers. With this idea in mind, they transcend on the journey to launch Rapport with the premium feel and niche class in mind


The basic difference between the two brands lies in the class of audience they serve. Where Profit focussed on serving the affordable options to its customers, Rapport became the support for the premium genre. But both have one common thing to share: they wish to serve the best to the community.


Rapport aims to cater to the needs of the community. A place where no matter how different your tastes, you find the perfect pair to best serve your feet.


Keeping the A game while serving the customer, we focussed on the takeaways for the customers. Iconic branding that hooks with the customers and also keeping in mind the sustainable decision of choosing jute bags over other non-perishable materials. Something that leaves a positive impact in the long run on both the customers and the planet we all call home.

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